PHYS 410 -- 1 -- Computational Physics 2022W

Calendar Description: Scientific programming applied to problems in physics. Fundamentals of numerical analysis for continuum problems. Solution of linear and non-linear algebraic systems, ordinary differential equations and stochastic problems.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: One of PHYS 312, MATH 257, MATH 316 and one of PHYS 210, EOSC 211, CPSC 110, CPSC 103, APSC 160.

Section Details
Section Term Activity Instructor
101 1 LEC CHOPTUIK, MATTHEW W Chemistry C124 M Chemistry C124 F Chemistry C124
T1A 1 TUT no Instructor listed F Hennings 304
T1B 1 TUT no Instructor listed F Hennings 304
10W 1 W-L no Instructor listed