PHYS 306 -- 1 -- Advanced Mechanics 2022W

Calendar Description: Variational calculus, Lagrangian dynamics, rigid body motion including free and forced precession, Hamiltonian mechanics, Poisson brackets, canonical coordinates, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, action angle variables. Introduction to dynamical chaos: determinism, Lyapunov exponents.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: One of PHYS 216, ENPH 270 and one of MATH 215, MATH 255, MATH 256, MATH 258.

Section Details
Section Term Activity Instructor
201 2 LEC ROTTLER, JOERG M Wesbrook 201 F Wesbrook 201 W Wesbrook 201
T2A 2 TUT no Instructor listed T Hebb 114
T2B 2 TUT no Instructor listed R Biological Sciences 1012