PHYS 304 -- 1 -- Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2022W

Calendar Description: Principles and applications of quantum mechanics, wave mechanics, the Schroedinger equation, expectation values, Hermitian operators, commuting observables, one-dimensional systems, harmonic oscillators, angular momentum, three-dimensional systems.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: One of PHYS 200, PHYS 250.
Corequisites: One of MATH 257, MATH 316, PHYS 312.

Section Details
Section Term Activity Instructor
101 1 LEC YE, ZILIANG F Irving K Barber Learning Centre 182 M Irving K Barber Learning Centre 182 W Irving K Barber Learning Centre 182
201 2 LEC ZOU, KE W Hennings 202 F Hennings 202 M Hennings 202
T1A 1 TUT YE, ZILIANG W UBC Life Building 2302
T2A 2 TUT ZOU, KE T P. A. Woodward Instructional Resources Centre 2