ENPH 353 -- 1 -- Engineering Physics Project I 2022W

Calendar Description: Engineering project planning, execution and reporting. The course involves carrying out an open-ended Engineering project to meet specific performance metrics on an industry relevant topic selected by instructors. Reporting on progress is both oral and written. This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: All of ENPH 253, CPEN 221.

Section Details
Section Term Activity Instructor
101 1 LEC ISBASESCU, IOAN M Hebb 116
201 2 LEC ISBASESCU, IOAN T Hebb 116
L2A 2 n/a ISBASESCU, IOAN R Hebb 316
L1A 1 n/a ISBASESCU, IOAN W Hebb 216
WL1 1 W-L no Instructor listed NSM NSM
WL2 2 W-L no Instructor listed NSM NSM