ENPH 253 -- 1 -- Introduction to Instrument Design 2022S

Calendar Description: Practice in engineering design and instrument development including mechanical and electrical design, and communications with sensors, actuators. Micro-controller implementation and system integration. Engineering design review process and presentations. Engineering communication in design and product release.
Credits: 5
Prerequisites: ENPH 259.

Section Details
Section Term Activity Instructor
941 1-2 LEC MARZIALI, ANDRE T Hennings 200 W Hennings 200 F Hennings 200
L01 1-2 LAB MARZIALI, ANDRE R Hebb 416 R Hebb 418 F Hebb 418 M Hebb 416 W Hebb 418 R Hebb 114 F Hebb 416 M Hebb 418 W Hebb 416