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Graduate Physics & Astronomy Courses

Academic Sessions: 2017W

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Course Title2017W
 Term 1
Sep - Dec
Term 2
Jan - Apr
ASTR 500 Principles of Modern Astronomy no no
ASTR 502 Astronomical Dynamics no yes
ASTR 505 Galactic Astronomy no no
ASTR 506 High-Energy Astrophysics yes no
ASTR 507 Planetary Sciences no yes
ASTR 508 Stellar Astronomy no no
ASTR 509 Astronomical Statistics no no
ASTR 514 Observational Astronomy yes no
ASTR 520 Astronomy/Astrophysics Research Seminar no no
ASTR 530 Directed Studies in Astronomy no no
ASTR 534 Studies in Stellar Structure no no
ASTR 535 Studies in Stellar Atmospheres no no
ASTR 536 Studies of the Interstellar Medium no no
ASTR 537 Studies in Extra Galactic Astronomy no no
ASTR 538 Studies in Cosmology no no
ASTR 549 M.Sc. Thesis yes yes
ASTR 649 Doctoral Dissertation yes yes
PHYS 500 Quantum Mechanics I yes no
PHYS 501 Quantum Mechanics II no yes
PHYS 502 Condensed Matter Physics I yes no
PHYS 503 Condensed Matter Physics II no yes
PHYS 504 Special Relativity and Classical Electromagnetism yes no
PHYS 505 Nuclear Physics no no
PHYS 506 Elementary Particle Physics yes no
PHYS 507 Plasma Physics no no
PHYS 508 Quantum Field Theory no yes
PHYS 509 Theory of Measurements yes no
PHYS 510 Stochastic Processes in Physics no no
PHYS 511 Special Topics in Magnetism no no
PHYS 512 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Solids no no
PHYS 513 Topics in Advanced Spectroscopy no no
PHYS 514 Classical Field Theory no no
PHYS 515 Neural Networks no no
PHYS 516 Statistical Mechanics yes no
PHYS 517 Introduction to Low Temperature Physics no no
PHYS 518 Superconductivity no no
PHYS 519 Surface Physics no no
PHYS 520 Teaching Techniques in Physics and Astronomy no yes
PHYS 521 Group Theory Methods in Quantum Mechanics no no
PHYS 522 Topics in Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics no no
PHYS 523 Quantum Electronics and Nonlinear Optics no no
PHYS 524 Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics no no
PHYS 525 Advanced Condensed Matter Physics no no
PHYS 526 Quantum Electrodynamics yes no
PHYS 527 Topics in Nuclear Physics yes no
PHYS 528 Elementary Particle Physics no no
PHYS 529 Topics in Quantum Theory no yes
PHYS 530 Topics in General Relativity Theory no no
PHYS 531 Particle Detection Techniques yes no
PHYS 532 Plasma Dynamics no no
PHYS 533 Laser Physics no yes
PHYS 534 Radiotherapy Physics I yes no
PHYS 535 Radiotherapy Physics II no yes
PHYS 536 Advanced Radiation Biophysics yes no
PHYS 537 Physics of Soft Organic Interfaces no no
PHYS 538 Physical Properties of Synthetic and Natural Membrane Interfaces no no
PHYS 539 Radiation Dosimetry no yes
PHYS 540 Radiological Imaging no yes
PHYS 541 Nuclear Medicine no yes
PHYS 542 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging no no
PHYS 543 Biomedical Optics yes no
PHYS 545 Anatomy, Physiology and Statistics for Medical Physicists no yes
PHYS 549 Master's Thesis yes yes
PHYS 555 Directed Studies in Physics yes yes
PHYS 560 Physics and Engineering of Particle Accelerators no yes
PHYS 565 Applications of Radioisotopes in Science and in Medicine no no
PHYS 570 Radio Astronomy no no
PHYS 571 Physical Cosmology no yes
PHYS 572 Experimental Methods in Quantum Materials no no
PHYS 573 Modeling and Simulation of Quantum Materials no no
PHYS 599 M.A.Sc. Thesis yes yes
PHYS 649 Doctoral Dissertation yes yes