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Engineering Physics Courses

Academic Sessions: 2017S-2017W

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Course Title2017S 2017W
 Term 1
May - Jul
Term 2
Jul - Aug
Term 1
Sep - Dec
Term 2
Jan - Apr
ENPH 253 Introduction to Instrument Design yes no no no
ENPH 257 Heat and Thermodynamics yes no no no
ENPH 259 Experimental Techniques no no yes no
ENPH 270 Mechanics II yes no no no
ENPH 352 Laboratory Techniques in Physics no no yes yes
ENPH 459 Engineering Physics Project I no no no yes
ENPH 479 Engineering Physics Project II no no yes no
ENPH 480 Engineering Physics Project III no no yes no
ENPH 481 Entrepreneurial Projects I no no no yes