P&A -- Current course offerings for 2003W  

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P&A -- Current course offerings for 2003W

Astr 101 Introduction to the Solar System Gladman, Brett
Astr 102 Introduction to Stars and Galaxies Scott, Douglas
Astr 201 Stellar Astrophysics Matthews, Jaymie
Astr 202 Galactic Astronomy Stairs, Ingrid
Astr 303 Extragalactic Astronomy Richer, Harvey
Scott, Douglas
Hickson, Paul
Astr 304 Research Topics in Astronomy Heyl, Jeremy
Astr 310 Exploring the Universe I: The Solar
Richer, Harvey B
Astr 311 Exploring the Universe II: Stars and
Newbury, Peter
Astr 402 Astrophysical Processes Atkinson, Gerald
Astr 403 Cosmology Scott, Douglas
Astr 404 Astronomical and Astrophysical
Matthews, Jaymie
Astr 500 Principles of Modern Astronomy Atkinson, Gerald
Astr 503b Matthews, Jaymie
Astr 504b Richer, Harvey B
Astr 505b
Astr 530b Astronomical Dynamics Gladman, Brett
Richer, Harvey B
Astr 536b Studies of the Interstellar Medium Stairs, Ingrid
Phys 100 Introductory Physics Koster, Evert
Kotlicki, Andrzej
Meyer, Jochen
Rieger, Georg
Phys 101 Energy and Waves Bates, Frances
Eldridge, John E
Iqbal, Javed M
Koster, Evert
MacKay, Alexander
Turrell, Brian G
Williams, David Llewelyn
Phys 102 Electricity, Light and Radiation Bates, Frances
Fameli, Nick
Halpern, Mark
Hasinoff, Michael D
Phys 107 PHYSICS 1 McKenna, Janis
Vogt, Erich
Phys 108 Physics II Brewer, Jess
Phys 109 Introduction to Experimental Physics Axen, David A
Phys 153 Elements of Physics Hasinoff, Michael D
Meyer, Jochen
Parsons, Robert R
Schleich, Kristin
Witt, Donald
Phys 170 Mechanics I Curzon, Francis L
Ozier, Irving
Phys 200 Relativity and Quanta Halpern, Mark
Phys 203 Thermal Physics I Michal, Carl
Phys 206 Mechanics Berciu, Mona
Phys 209 Intermediate Experimental Physics Bonn, Douglas Andrew
Phys 216 Mechanics Balzarini, David A
Phys 258 Principles of Photonics Curzon, Francis L
Phys 259 Experimental Techniques Auld, Edward George
Phys 301 Electricity and Magnetism Bryman, Douglas
Phys 304 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Franz, Marcel
Phys 305 Introduction to Biophysics Michal, Carl
Phys 308 Optics McCutcheon, William H
Phys 309 Electrical Laboratory Mattison, Thomas
Phys 312 Introduction to Mathematical Physics
Phys 313 Thermodynamics Bergersen, Birger
Phys 314 Fluids Hsieh, William
Phys 315 Physics of Materials Bergersen, Birger
Phys 319 Electronics Laboratory Kotlicki, Andrzej
Phys 340 From Atoms to the Universe Stamp, Phillip
Phys 341 Physics of Music Unruh, William G
Phys 343 Physical Science by Inquiry Kotlicki, Andrzej
Phys 350 Applications of Classical Mechanics Axen, David A
Phys 352 Laboratory Techniques in Physics Waltham, Christopher E
Phys 354 Electric and Magnetic Fields McKenna, Janis
Phys 400 Introduction to Elementary Particles Oser, Scott
Phys 401 Electromagnetic Theory Rozali, Moshe
Phys 402 Applications of Quantum Mechanics Van Raamsdonk, Mark
Phys 403 Statistical Physics Tiedje, Thomas
Phys 404 Physics of Medical Imaging Sossi, Vesna
Phys 405 Radiation Biophysics Flibotte, Stephane
Phys 407 Introduction to General Relativity Schleich, Kristin
Phys 409 Kiefl, Robert F
Phys 410 Computational Physics Choptuik, Matthew
Phys 412 Atomic Physics Carolan, James F
Phys 436 Health Physics Measurement and Control Flibotte, Stephane

Phys 437 Physics of Biocellular Structure and
Evans, Evan
Phys 438 Zoological Physics Ahlborn, Boye
Phys 449 Honours Thesis Zhitnitsky, Ariel
Phys 450 Quantum Mechanics Damascelli, Andrea
Phys 454 Applied Electromagnetic Theory Mattison, Thomas
Phys 455 Statistical Mechanics Zhou, Fei
Phys 458 Applied Optics McCutcheon, William H
Phys 473 Applied Nuclear Physics Iqbal, Javed M
Phys 474 Applied Solid State Physics Sawatzky, George
Phys 500 Quantum Mechanics I Zhitnitsky, Ariel
Phys 501 Quantum Mechanics II Affleck, Ian Keith
Phys 502 Condensed Matter Physics I Franz, Marcel
Phys 503 Condensed Matter Physics II Berciu, Mona
Phys 504 Relativity and Electromagnetism Van Raamsdonk, Mark
Phys 506 Elementary Particle Physics Oser, Scott
Phys 508 Quantum Field Theory Ng, John N
Phys 509c Gregory, Philip C
Phys 516 Statistical Mechanics Plotkin, Steve
Phys 518a Zagoskin, Alexandre
Phys 521d Semenoff, Gordon Walter
Phys 523b
Phys 526 Quantum Electrodynamics Rozali, Moshe
Phys 530b Unruh, Bill
Phys 534 Radiotherapy Physics I Brenda G. Clark
Phys 535 Radiotherapy Physics II Brenda G. Clark
Phys 536 Advanced Radiation Biophysics Skarsgard, Lloyd
Phys 537 Physics of Soft Organic Interfaces Evans, Evan
Phys 539 Radiation Dosimetry Duzenli, Cheryl
Ding, George
Phys 540 Radiological Imaging Sossi, Vesna
Phys 541 Nuclear Medicine Celler, Anna
Phys 542 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging MacKay, Alexander
Phys 543 Biomedical Optics Zeng Haishan
Phys 555
Phys 571 Physical Cosmology Scott, Douglas